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Our superior adhesive system, crystal clear Supercharge films, vibrant inks and highest quality boards ensure your Skin Packaging will be of the highest standard in the market place.


We offer a complete range of New and Refurbished Skin & Blister Packaging Machinery. Our on-site commissioning service will ensure your staff are trained correctly to provide the best return on your investment.


Rigid “Security” Blisters. No longer will product fall off the card or be lost due to theft! Artwork is unencumbered by blister landings or glue, leaving more space for graphics and a very clean package.

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I was most impressed with the level of personal & professional service I received from the staff at skinPACK. If you're looking for a good value, quality product then your business will be in the right hands with skinPACK. You won't need to look any further. Maureen Riechers - Weldit Australia.

It took one call to skinPACK, some product samples and shortly after we had some packaged samples that we were able to use! During the whole process skinPACK kept in touch and I always knew at what stage we were up to in the production process. It has taken skinPACK just a short time to determine our needs and we have not looked back since. The service we received from skinPACK was and is exemplary. I can recommend them highly to any Company that needs their service. Susie Garbagnati - CPC Auto.

skinPACK gave us a competitive edge with the style and security of packaging they designed for Us…. It was a roaring success” says Paul Stenton, DIY product manager for Hettich Australia.

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Smart Packaging Services for Global Products

Retail markets are using super glass-clear films to pack and seal all their products. Now customers are used to purchasing sealed products and they refuse to accept the products if the films package sheets are torn or damaged. Skin and Blister packaging is most useful for packing parts of machinery, electronic components and other accessories. Mobile retailers are extensively using hard but transparent packaging to trade small and delicate mobile spare parts or accessories. Many traders are using skin packaging while introducing their products in the retail markets. It is now possible to opt for wholesale skin packaging for introducing your new or existing products. The glass-clear packaging allows the customers to view the products and its parts easily.

 Introducing transparent packaging machinery and services for packing products and components before it is introduced in retail markets. Now it is possible to launch new products or introduce new brands using the smart packaging options. Now it is easy to pack products and prepare it for global markets. Better packaging of the products capture the interests of shoppers and they promptly buy it. Smart packaging is useful to pack small components to expensive computer or Smartphone accessories. Smartly packed products are sold easily and bought even for gifts. Good quality pens or other stationery items are also often packed using transparent films. Now there is no need to worry on packing products are presenting them in the market.

The Skin pack services are easing your trouble and providing you machinery that facilitates quick and easy packing. The staff ensures that you easily learn to operate the packaging machinery and start your blister packaging process soon. Many entrepreneurs are eager to start their own blister packaging facility, especially while they have a plethora of products to introduce in the market. While even stationery is available in blister packaging, entrepreneurs cannot refrain from using this better packaging option and introducing their products to the customers. Moreover, blister packaging is considered a standard presentation for introducing products in the global market.

There are plenty of advantages for both skin packaging and blister packaging. Both the transparent sealed packaging ensures that the products in it do not accumulate dust or get soaked in moisture, especially while the waterproof and airtight packaging do not let in dust particles or moisture content. This ensures the longevity and protection of the products during the rough transportation to different wholesale retailers across the country. While different brands compete with each other they are improving the presentation and protection of their products using the blister packaging option.

The blister packaging machinery is easy to use and packs plenty of products simultaneously. This allows even large businesses to pack all their smaller to larger products with minimal efforts but with maximum benefits. The manual packing process would be futile and would lack the quality that blister packaging provide. Now it is simpler for large business houses to protectively pack all their products and keep them ready for distribution across the globe. While the packaging machinery is simple to use brand houses are extensive using it to pack even their newest products and reach it safely in the hands of their customers. Blister and skin packaging are most useful for packing smaller hardware components and it is the safest way to preserve these components before global distribution.


Highest Quality Affordable Packaging Solutions


skinPACK pride itself on making the packaging development process as simple as possible for our customers. Our team specialises in creating the most innovative design to make your products stand out!

2. Engineer

Engineering is the key to providing the quality packaging solutions. Our products are designed and tested in-house pre and post production to ensure our customer's packaging staff can produce the best results possible.

3. Create

We utilise quality products and enforce high-quality standards to ensure the packaging solutions we supply meet our customer's expectations every time. Our aim is to provide excellent products at affordable prices.