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Skin Packaging Boards

Bliss Boards are printed in CMYK or  4 PMS colours on one or both sides and artwork is design depending on product requirements.

If individual product quantities are too low for their own specially printed Bliss Board a common design is printed with multiple repeats of the corporate logo.

Our standard and unique Bliss Boards use custom manufactured imported high porosity board, which allows a vacuum to be drawn through the board without the need to add unsightly perforations on the board.

Heavy products require a much stronger Bliss Board. We supply a Multiply Bliss Board. Once again, our manufacturing technology ensures perforations are not required, thereby ensuring the full graphic impact of the design is not compromised.

Our involvement commences at the concept stage and moves step by step from initial sample packs, graphic design, layout, printing plates, die cut knives and finally finished Bliss Boards. This logical method not only minimises costs it ensures the finished packed product meets our customer expectations.

Skin Packaging Films

SuperCharge is a unique “Thermally Charged” rigid film with crystal clear clarity and high gloss. SuperCharge greatly improves product appearance, provides increased physical protection and minimises product theft.

What is it? “Thermally Charged” it means that when heated SuperCharge immediately becomes flexible and ready for use. This is important because rapid thermal flexibility increases productivity as machines can cycle faster, reducing packaging costs and minimising energy use.

SuperCharge easily and accurately follows the product contours, quickly adhering to the Bliss Board. As a result, the adhesive bond between film and board is exceptional, even with heavy objects.

Many products too difficult for soft skin films can be packed using SuperCharge, which increases the range and type of product that can be successfully packed. Products that once required expensive moulds or large inventories of pre-made blisters are now candidates for improved packaging at reduced costs.

Supercharge Films adhere to the boards only and not your products!



skinPACK SuperCharge Film
Blister Packaging

Security Blister Cards

Rigid “Security” Blisters. No longer will product fall off the card or be lost due to theft! Artwork is unencumbered by blister landings or glue, leaving more space for graphics and a very clean package.

Engineered and Designed to suit blister packaging machine requirements.

skinPACK can turn-key the complete process from artwork design, card & blister production through to in-house product packaging.

One of our large range of stock blister sizes may suit your product size avoiding the need for additional tooling costs.

Customer Service Policy

“Our goal is to provide our customer, with a quality experience, meeting or exceeding your expectations. We want your experience with us to be so enjoyable that you refer us to your friends and colleagues.”

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve your product packaging and offer the highest quality products we can deliver.

Should your experience with skinPACK meet or exceed your expectations, then please, let us know about it, post on a social media site and share your comments with others.

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